Activity and News

Activity and News
Inauguration and Opening of UT School 33rd Batch Class in Manado

UT School has added a new learning point with its expansive move into regions in Indonesia. On Monday, September 4, 2023, UT School officially inaugurated its newest learning point in the province of Sulawesi, specifically in the city of Manado, North Sulawesi.

As a result, UT School now has 2 learning points on the island of Sulawesi, demonstrating UT School's commitment to providing quality and character-based education in the field of Heavy Equipment throughout Indonesia.

The Opening and Inauguration Ceremony of UT School Manado was attended by Mr. Mochamad Hamdan Aziz, the Director of UT School, who also launched the inaugural regular class program for Heavy Equipment Mechanics at the Manado branch. This program reflects UT School's vision to develop potential in the field of heavy equipment throughout Indonesia.

UT School is determined to provide education that is not only of high quality but also relevant to industry needs. This is in line with UT School's closely held philosophy, "Berkarya Tiada dua-nya memang Luar Biasa!".

With the establishment of the new learning point in Manado, UT School hopes to continue developing potential and providing quality education for the nation's children throughout Indonesia and continue to deliver the best.