Activity and News

Activity and News
The Graduation of 31st Batch on UT School Jakarta for Heavy Equipment Mechanics Study Program 2022/2023

Jakarta (UT School) - UT School Jakarta has successfully held the graduation ceremony for the 31st batch of Heavy Equipment Mechanics program, which was conducted on July 3 & 24, 2023.


During this momentous occasion, UT School Jakarta officially conferred degrees upon 111 students in Heavy Equipment Mechanics program. Student whose name Agit Setiyono and Khoirul Azhar have garnered well deserved recognition as the best students for their exceptional academic achievements.


This occasion also served as a moment that UT School is success in supporting and preparing its students to face real world challenges.



With this graduation, the students will embark on a new chapter in their life journey, ready to take on the workforce, apply the knowledge they have acquired, and contribute to the society.


Congratulations to all the students of Batch 31 in the Heavy Equipment Mechanics program for successfully completing their 1 year education at UT School. May this achievement mark the beginning of a successful and fulfilling their career journey. Keep inspiring the generations to come and continue to contribute to the development of our nation and country.