Activity and News

Activity and News
UT School Graduation Academic Year 2016/2017 - Regular Mechanics Batch 18



  On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, housed in the Discovery hall of PT United Tractors Corporate University building, jl. Raya Bekasi km.22 East Jakarta, UT School has successfully held graduation ceremony for 18th graduate student of Regular Mechanical Mechanics. At the event, UT School officially graduated 87 graduates for the Heavy Equipment Mechanics study program.

  Since its founding in 2008 and in its 9th year, UT School has graduated students 18 times. Started in 2009 until now UT School has graduated 9110 students (Regular & Non-Regular Programs) with the majority of alumni absorbed into the leading companies of heavy equipment users, whether in the mining sector, construction, agro, transportation and others .

  The business condition of heavy equipment that continues to improve until this year brings a positive impact on the absorption of UT School alumni by the industry. Just like the year before, this year all UT School alumni can be absorbed into the industrial world, where most of the alumni are still absorbed in the mining industry sector, especially coal mining. In addition to the mining sector, some UT School alumni are also absorbed in companies operating in the construction sector.

  At the end of this graduation ceremony was awarded by UT School Management to business world and heavy industry user industry that has the highest contribution to UT School alumni absorption and training implementation at UT School.