Activity and News

Activity and News

UT School as a Vocational Training Institution under the Karya Bakti Foundation of UNITED TRACTORS which is aimed at preparing heavy equipment mechanic and Operator candidates to be ready to work in the mining, construction and other heavy equipment industry, has successfully held a graduation ceremony for 85 Regular Mechanic graduates batch 13 on Monday, 09 March, 2012.

In the past 7 years of age, UT School has held 13 ceremonial graduations. From 2009 to present, the UT School has produced 7331 graduates (Regular Program & CSCD) which most of the alumni worked for the UT Group and other heavy equipment industry of UNITED TRACTORS customers. Whereas the students came from 723 Vocational School all over Indonesia as the UT School partner. Although the number of the graduates has not fulfilled the existing needs, yet it has given a different “Product Support” to the UNITED TRACTORS’ business partners and it means a lot for UNITED TRACTORS.

The ceremonial graduation was conducted in the campus of the UT School of Jakarta Tbk and attended by the Board of Trustees and its Executive Board of the Karya Bakti Foundation of UNITED TRACTORS, Board of Directors, GM and AHEME GROUP Manager, the parents of the graduates, UNITED TRACTORS partners and other invited guests, which was as usual, gave several opening speeches.


Mr. Edhie Sarwono as the Board of Supervisors of Karya Bakti foundation of UNITED TRACTORS and Mr. Teguh Setiono as the Director of the UT School wass delighted in giving his speech. The graduation was also attended by Mrs.Endang T Handajani as the Chairman of Karya Bakti foundation of UT.